Ernest's Orleans Restaurant is a family owned and operated business. The late Chef Ernest Sr. had deep roots in the city of New Orleans which was brought to Shreveport in the late forties. Marjorie Palmisano was learned at the famous Elmwood Plantation Restaurant. These influences in addition to Chef Ernest Palmisano Jr.'s drive for excellence are apparent in all dining experiences. Be it locals or celebrities, signed pictures adorn the walls freezing the night of decadent foods, drinks and fun permanently.

Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant continues to serve the freshest wild Louisiana seafood found in this city. The easiest way to prepare delicious food is to start with the freshest catch, aged prime beef, and formula fed veal. The freshness and selectiveness of the ingredients are apparent in every succulent bite. Jokingly referred to as Dallas’s best restaurant, Ernest’s name has been synonymous with fine foods and wines. A formally trained, knowledgeable, and smiling staff is always available to help guide guests through the dining experience. If the question involves the freshest catch of the day or which bottle of wine matches the entrée, the staff will have an appropriate and accurate response.

"Serving the Finest"